Ultra & Trail Unseen Koh Chang : Koh Chang
“The Jungle 100” the challenges racing field for UTKC2016. There is only the theme that we needed to clarify. The overall elevation gain is 4,000M+ surrounding with the nice atmosphere of purely natural without any man made. The climate at Koh Chang is hot and damp in March and this cause us needed to clarify the routes precisely. For 34K, even the route of 34K is the connection point to 66K, but we are quite sure that you will meet its mysterious and fascination that could attract you in another aspect that is rarely to find out normally. Due to the difficulties of the racing field, we are monitoring on a proper disciplines and directions to be followed. For 100K or “The Jungle 100”, the registration will be opened in December 2015 and to be available on website. On The webpage, there is the box for “Wating List” for the person who are interested to register to put your name first. The person who can register should be qualified as following;
One of regulation
  • Experienced in UTKC2015 with 66K
  • Experienced in 100Miles Thailand for #100MilesSoLo #100MilesBack2Back and #100Miles2x50Miles
  • Passed ITRA qualification for 100K at least 1 time within 18 months and for or passed 50K at least 2 times within 18 months.
  • Passed Ultra 100K within 18 months
We are limited the number of people to register at 100 persons only for this race.

Date: 27 Febuary 2016
Location: Koh Chang, Trat