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Паром до: Kanchanaburi

Combining gorgeous scenery with a highly interesting history, Kanchanaburi is a popular town in west Thailand located at the confluence of two rivers called Kwai Noi and Kwai Yai. It’s known for both containing great landmarks and historic monuments linked with World War II. Reaching Kanchanaburi can be done in many ways. One of the most common options is traveling by train, particularly if you are in Bangkok. You’ll find many trains departing from Thonburi Train Station in Bangkok and arriving in Kanchanaburi. If you are... Подробнее

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Kanchanaburi Information

Kanchanaburi can be the ideal destination for those who appreciate learning more about history and culture while being in the center of a splendid vista. Far from popular belief, Kanchanaburi has more to offer its visitors than World War II landmarks and memorabilia such as Death Railway, JEATH War Museum, and Thailand-Burma Railway Center. It contains riveting temples, ancient ruins, wonderful natural attractions like the River Kwai and many more. being filled with history and has a lot to offer each one of its visitors. for a change, you can even go bamboo rafting or shopping at gemstone village.


  • Wat Tham Sua

    Although Kanchanaburi isn’t quite known for its temples, that doesn’t mean its temples are unworthy to add to your itinerary. Actually, Wat Tham Sua is quite the contrary of unworthy, it captures you with its serene atmosphere, spectacular view and giant golden Buddha statue engulfed in an intricately beautiful shell-like structure. The temple’s name translates in English as “Tiger’s Cave Temple” but that should not be confused with Krabi’s Tiger Cave Temple with the same name. As Wat Tham Sua is deservedly located on a hilltop, it would require some climbing to get there, however, it is absolutely worth the climb.

  • ElephantsWorld

    Unlike other so-called elephant sanctuaries, ElephantsWorld is all about the elephants and what’s truly best for them. It focuses on the elephants’ wellbeing and dismisses behaviors like separating elephant babies from their mothers or using small cages. If you are looking to connect with nature and animals more humanely, then this is the place you should be. It’s also very crucial to visit and show support to places like ElephantsWorld, as the world needs more of them around. Some of the activities you get to do there are feeding the elephants, taking pictures, bathing the elephants and gathering plant food in a delightful atmosphere.

  • River Kwai Bridge (Death Railway Bridge)

    Being popularized by the film “The Bridge on the River Kwai”, River Kwai Bridge or also known as Death Railway Bridge is perhaps the most famous landmark in Kanchanaburi and an interesting subject for historians or anyone who seeks stories about World War II. It was given the name of Death Railway Bridge due to the large number of people who died during its construction. The bridge suffered a bombing and was rebuilt by the SRT, now it’s used for mainly commercial and touristic purposes. But that’s not all, as the bridge happens to have an amazing view due to it being on the sublime River Kwai. Some luxurious resorts and accommodation surround the river, in addition to floating restaurants where you can enjoy both a delicious meal and a view.

  • Kanchanaburi War Cemetery

    Located opposite the main Kanchanaburi train station is the Don Rak War Cemetery, which is a prisoner of war cemetery for almost 7,000 who fell under Japanese Imprisonment during the construction of the Burma Railway also known as the Death Railway or Thai-Burma Railway. This could be one of the most emotional locations in all of Kanchanaburi. Dutch, Australian and British are the nationalities of most of the people buried in this cemetery. This might not be your typical tourist destination, but it’s definitely worth the visit if you are interested in all things related to World War II. Close to the cemetery, is the Thailand-Burma Railway Centre, which is an interactive museum and research center where you can learn all about the railway’s construction and more.

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