Leam Sok Pier : Trat
To travel to Koh Chang, you always arrive at the Laem Ngop ferry terminals first. In Laem Ngop there are 3 piers. 
  • The oldest, directly situated at the port of Laem Ngop, is not in operation at present. 
  • Second, Laem-Ngop-Pier (Tha-Khrom-Luang or also Tha-Laem-Ngop), is situated approx. 700 metres west of Laem Ngop. 
  • Third, Center-Point-Pier (Tha-Center-Point) is about 3.5 kilometres in the northwest.
These piers serve both car and passenger ferries. The mini busses from Bangkok arrive at Center-Point-Pier, also many of the individually chartered taxis from Trat arrive here, whereas the local pickup-taxis (Songthaows) head for Laem-Ngop-Pier. A further pier for car ferries is in the Thammachat Bay (Aow Thammachat), approximately 15 kilometres west of Laem Ngop. However this jetty is only required for those who come with their own or a rented vehicle.

Koh Chang has various piers, which are almost all situated on the eastern side of the island. The majority of traffic is handled at the two Dan-Kao-Piers. The boats from Laem Ngop take approximately 45 minutes to the Dan-Kao-Piers. The car ferry takes about 50 - 60 minutes and arrives at the Dan-Kao-Ferry-Pier
(Tha-Ferry-Dan-Kao), which is situated 400 metres southeast of Dan-Kao-Pier (Tha-Dan-Kao). The car-ferry from Thammachat Bay stops at the Ko-Chang-Ferry-Pier (Tha-Ferry-Ko-Chang) in the Sapparot Bay (Aow Sapparot), 3 kilometres northwest from the Dan-Kao-Pier. Meals, fruit, snacks and beverages are available at all the piers and on the car-ferries.

To ensure that you won't be burdened with an extra charge from what you thought to be a point of departure (Trat city), a free shuttle service to Laem Sok / Siriwhite speedboats by "Song Teaw" is available from the parking next to the police post opposite the Krung Thai Bank in the center of Trat city and from any hotel, guesthouse or resort in Trad City or on the route between Laem Sok and the city center, at 07:00 and 11:30.

Address : Route 3155, Mueng, Trat