Bangkok Midnight Marathon 2019 : Bangkok
Marathons races have seen phenomenal growth in the last decade, with major city-centre marathons leading the way i.e. tokyo, berlin, london, boston, new york, etc. participation numbers too have seen a dramatic increase and asia too is not immune to this trend. we have seen over 90% increase in participation in marathons in asian cities.

Due to the warmer clime and high humidity levels during the day, night races is gaining a lot of traction across asia. an increasing number of distance races are now held in the evening or the wee hours of the morning in countries such as singapore, philippines and india.

The inaugural bangkok midnight marathon too is taking leaf of this growing trend. move by muse, the organiser of the bangkok midnight marathon, plans to have this event as an annual running date in the running calendar. poised to be an international-class marathon event, the bangkok midnight marathon is sanctioned by the athletics association of thailand and the route certified by the international association of athletics federations (iaaf).

Taking advantage of the cooler evening temperature, the bangkok midnight marathon will give runners ample opportunity to appreciate some of the beautiful and iconic landmarks in bangkok. runners too will get to enjoy the race village specially created at the event which will run till dawn.

The bangkok midnight marathon is proud to see participation from over 30 countries such as the us, kenya, russia, japan, china, ehtiopia, singapore, malaysia, spain, france, etc. the bangkok midnight marathon aims to be the standard bearer for running events in thailand and the region.

Date: 24-25 August 2019
Location: Bangkok