The 41st Bangkok International Motor Show 2020 : Bangkok
After Grand Prix Magazine was highly successful, “Dr. Prachin” was then confident with his experience in the industry. He had an innovative idea to initiate the first ever Motor Show in Thailand. “Motor Show’79” is the name of the first Motor Show which was held from April 2 to April 6, 1979 at Lumpini Park, on the area of 16,200 square meters. At the time, His Royal Highness Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn were graciously presided over the opening ceremony. The revenue collected from 3 Baht admission fee was given to “Duang Prateep Foundation”.

The 38th Bangkok International Motor Show, visitors can now witness the evolution of booths’ design and structure. Some of which were designed by their overseas headquarter that share the same concept as the other major Motor Shows worldwide. The money these companies spend for the construction is normally beyond one’s imagination since it would go up to as much as one hundred million Baht per booth. To encourage and cheer up for the good work the car companies have been contributed for Thai automotive industry, the Car of the Year Award is thereby conducted. Every year, the best performer will be awarded the Car of the Year accordingly to its category. These awards then can be seen at each maker’s pavilion as they prefer to show that their models are entitled as one of the best car of the year too.

With the direction given by Dr. Prachin Eamlumnow and the professional team under supervision of “Khun Tae” Mr. Jaturont Komolmis, the third era of Bangkok International Motor Show are greatly successful until today. Looking through the 3 eras, this is the pride of Thailand. A world class Motor Show from Thailand.

Date: March 25 - April 5 2020
Location: Challenger 1-3, Impact, Maung Thong Thani